A downloadable racing game for Windows

Polycars is a fun simplistic driving, and racing game,

We are currently on the last demo build, the next version will be the beta v0.0.3, but the last demo build has a lot of features however, which should keep you entertained until the beta drops,

We currently have 4 game-modes, Free-Play: an open world map to drive around the cars and have fun, Infinite: An infinite plane to test out vehicles and all their features, Playground: A fun arena full of jumps, tricks, and challenges, and Car Bowling: Bowling but with cars

the controls for the game:

wasd or arrow keys, shift to boost (only works for turbo car), space is drift, middle click or right click is shoot (bowling mode only), c to switch camera view, and g to toggle slow-mode,

The CA-Games Team is excited to see you all try out the game, we hope you enjoy!

features coming in beta v0.0.3:

Multiplayer, 6 new fun game changing game-modes (With multiplayer support), new car models, increased visuals, more optimizations (planes?) 

Want a sneak peak of the beta? Join our discord server (link in profile) to see our devlog, and talk to the developers of the game, and maybe even get an early copy of the beta! (Subject to change)

(Accepting test players)

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity, Blender
TagsFunny, Low-poly, Massively multiplayer, Multiplayer, Simple, Singleplayer, small
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract it to a Folder, open polycars.exe and your all set


CPUIntel i5 4th gen or AMD FX 8300 or BetterSingle core performance is mostly important on games. Some Cars can potentially Lag out the game due to Collision meshes or more.
GPUGTX 1050 Ti or BetterI'm pretty sure the render pipeline used for this game screams visuals to your eyes. BUT, Better fps can be a lot more playable if you have a mid to high end gpu. especially if your recording a lot about this game. A good gpu with good encoder is good enough. this game pushes stuff to the limits.
RAM8 GB DDR3 or 16 GB DDR4 1866 MHz or BetterRAM Speed is mostly important for cpus. Try overclocking your ram to 2666 MHz or 3200 depending of the compatibility of your cpu's max ram speed! More work can be done quicker!

Minimum Requirements

CPU2.8 GHz or equivalent
GPU750 Ti

(This game can be played on most low entry-level computers, but you have to go in low graphics mode)


PolyCars Demo Build 2 130 MB


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good but wayyy to laggy on lower end pcs

we are currently working on massive optimizations, our dev team is busy and hasnt been able to work on the project in recent months however once we finish the new update you should be able to run it fine on very low end pcs

I acquire destruction


Great game, might need some more optimization but nice for a small size.